Afscme Contract Michigan

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) is one of the largest labor unions in the United States, representing over 1.4 million public service employees. In Michigan, AFSCME has been active for many years, negotiating contracts on behalf of state and local government workers.

The most recent AFSCME contract for Michigan state employees was ratified in 2019. The agreement covers approximately 36,000 workers across a variety of sectors, including health care, corrections, and education. The contract includes a number of provisions aimed at improving working conditions and increasing pay for these workers.

One of the key provisions in the contract is a wage increase for employees in their first year of service. Workers with less than a year of seniority will receive a 2% pay increase, while those with more than a year of service will receive a 3% increase. The contract also includes a one-time lump sum payment of $500 for all employees.

Another important provision in the contract is a commitment to address issues related to understaffing and overtime. The agreement creates a joint labor-management committee to study these issues and develop recommendations for addressing them. Additionally, the contract provides for increased staffing levels in certain areas, including mental health facilities and correctional institutions.

The contract also includes a number of benefits improvements for workers. For example, it includes an increase in the amount of paid time off available to employees, as well as improved health care coverage. The agreement also includes language aimed at protecting workers from excessive workloads and unsafe working conditions.

Overall, the AFSCME contract for Michigan state employees represents a significant victory for workers in the state. The agreement includes a number of important provisions aimed at improving working conditions and increasing pay, and it demonstrates the power of collective bargaining in securing these gains. As AFSCME continues to advocate for the rights of public service employees across the country, the Michigan contract serves as an inspiring example of the union`s ability to bring about positive change for workers.