About My Work

Based on the landscape I capture it in new ways through the use of light and color. The reality of my abstract pictures and color spaces is realized by a synthesis as handling of situations, observations of nature as well as materiality of certain phenomena and events to “…come closer to reality and to strengthen vibrancy…” *

The motive of the room, built with the help of color and light (transparency-to-air area) often with a horizontal or vertical, corresponds to a particular experienced moment Download Aoharide. I understand my painting as recording of concrete situations and experiences in a picture using color strains, different structures and their relations 1 Kang Restaurant 2.

I see a picture as an autonomous work of its own energy as well as a dialogue with nature. Simultaneously as an own reality of the picture, for which a form of timelessness and universe plus an accuracy of the proposition is of the essence 생일 축하 음악 다운로드.

The subject matter of my work is the painting itself plus what it is not depicted. My artistic attempt is to spread the color on a surface area and to place it in the room 영화 노트북 다운로드.

*(F. Stella)